Pacific Pursuit 10k

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Pacific Pursuit 10k at UC San Diego

In an effort to provide additional opportunities for Olympic and Olympic Trials Standard marks to long distance track athletes, we were pleased to work with officials from UC San Diego to host the Pacific Pursuit 10k February 18th, 2019.  The Pacific Pursuit was established by Drew Wartenburg and the NorCal Distance Project in 2015 to provide an early season opportunity for athletes to chase qualifying marks heading into the 2016 Olympic Track Trials.  We hope to continue their success of this event into this next Olympic cycle to give athletes the chance at hitting marks for the 2020 Games at the beginning of the qualifying window.

Please support this event by making a tax-deductible donation to help our group offset some of the organizational costs.  Taking on these costs as a small group is a large undertaking.  But, we hope this event (like Portland Track Festival, Music City Distance Carnival, the Adrian Martinez Classic, etc) can join the trend for more post-collegiate opportunities domestically, independent of the collegiate season.   
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Re-Watch the Event:

Thank you to all the athletes, coaches, media personnel, and spectators that made this event a memorable one.  A special shout-out to the UCSD XC coaches (Nate Garcia and Anthony Garcia), as well as UCSD Marketing Director (Nicholas Feller) for all their hard work in making this event successful.  We hope to host this event again in the future so if you enjoyed what we provided, consider making a donation to assist our efforts in bringing this back.  
Date: Monday, February 18, 2019 (President’s Day Weekend)

Time: 10am and 10:40am

Spectator Information: Admission and parking are free so come out to watch.  But, please consider making a donation (hit the button above) to help us offset costs associated with organizing this event.  Parking can be found near the Rady School of Management or in the Hopkins parking structure.

Live Results:  Start lists/Live results are provided by TimerHub and can be found here Additionally, live splits should be available during the race for you to follow along.  Results will be posted here following the event.

Live Stream: A free live stream is available through our YouTube channel courtesy of UC San Diego.  You can watch the action by clicking here.  Keep in mind, we aren’t professional videographers.  So be grateful the event is not behind a paywall.  Instead ask yourself what you would pay per view to watch the event, and again consider donating that to our team!

Bring your family, friends, running buddies, and anyone you bump into on the streets in the next 24hours to the track on Monday.  Let’s fill the stands and cheer these athlete on to some fast marks!

On social media, when posting about this event, please use #PacificPursuit10k

For additional questions, contact Richey Hansen at