Mara Olson on the Gluttony of Technology in Modern Sports

Excerpt from Mara’s most recent blog post – “Iron, Steel, and …Carbon Fiber”:

“Returning to the days before foam soles and Garmins would be like cavemen striving to unlearn how to make fire. But I invite you to remember that the pleasure of sport is not derived from the flattering cut of a Lulu Lemon top or the snazziness of an iPod sleeve. Ultimately, power stems from the coordinated switch of muscle fibers, not a spokes-less bike wheel. Rhythm is laid by the metronome of your feet, not the beeping of a heart rate belt. We may be creatures of the modern age, but competition – in all its forms – is primitive. So, maybe for just one day, let’s honor it and forget the excess.”

Read the entire blog post by clicking here

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