Vigilosophy is the Pursuit of Excellence

Excerpt from Alia Gray’s new blog post “Racing Season Commence”:

The steps forward showed me how much hard work it takes to keep that continual, ever-present press for forward movement, which can be both exhilarating and little overwhelming. When I inevitably want to get ahead of myself, Coach Vigil reminds me of the process and the fact that we’re only just in the beginning.

The following is a quote from Deena Kastor that Coach shared with me about work ethic, especially specific to Vigil-style training. I adore these words. When I feel myself getting impatient or antsy, I return to the following:

“Vigilosophy is the pursuit of excellence. The pursuit is an insatiable, never-ending journey toward your ideals, knowing that your work ethic matters, every choice is significant in serving a better you. Vigilosophy is trying to master what captures our focus, knowing that mastery has no limit.”

Read the full blog post here.

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