Roots Running Project Athlete, Mara Olson on “Living Under a Rock” with Running

I have been described as “living under a rock.” My contact with world news is limited to NPR radio on the way to the grocery store. I recently learned what “hashtag” signifies. And when did Bruce Jenner become Caitlyn?

There is nowhere my naivety is more conspicuous than the running world. Sure, I have heard of Mo Farah. Or is that Meb? I get them confused. In a town where anyone seems to know everyone’s PRs (along with the month and year of their attainment), I have truly had to work to avoid the embarrassment that comes with living on another planet. This is not an easy feat, considering nearly every conversation I enter eventually turns to training or racing. Thus, I have mastered the vague response, typically piggy-backed by a change in subject. Yeah, of course I watched the Pan Am games (where were they again?) … wow, so-and-so really tanked last weekend (who is that? are they American?) … so how ‘bout Caitlyn Jenner, huh?

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