Mara Olson’s US 12k Champs recap – Not every race is measured by who comes in first

So while the calculating part of my brain kept signaling disappointment, my emotional center educed delight. In this instance, with my parents, sister, brother-in-law, and boyfriend distributing hugs, the endorphins won out.
I know I could have placed higher. But rather than finding distress in that fact, I encounter excitement. The race felt relaxed. I was not “going to the well,” yet I was 4 seconds off of my 10k track PR (albeit a very weak PR). If that’s not encouraging, then I don’t know what is. Sure, I still believe that “if you don’t win, you lose.” But some losses are necessary to better understand yourself. Now I know I can handle 12K, and I am in reach of a mix of very talented female runners.


Read the rest of Mara’s post-race recap here

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