Alia Gray’s Important Message: “Love Thy Baker”

For anyone without celiac disease, I simply cannot understand depriving yourself of chewy baguettes, buttery croissants, pizza with wood fire-burnished crust, beer and so many more culinary wonders in which gluten plays a delicious leading role. I know there are many substitutes for gluten, but…can I be honest here? I’m a bit of a bread purist; I savor a depth of flavor only achieved by gluten developed through several slow rises.

If we’re talking about going gluten-free voluntarily in the sake of health, I can partially understand. Many store-bought bread items carry a lot of preservatives to keep them soft and “fresh” on the shelf for longer periods of time. This is partially why I like to make as much of my own bread as possible; I know exactly what I’m putting in there. When it goes stale in five days or so, I also know that it’s because there aren’t a ton of preservatives in it. Luckily, the appetites in our household rarely see a stale loaf of bread.

Read the rest of her post and discover her amazing bread recipe here.

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